Sustainable Construction: How to Build Resilient Infrastructure

Exactly how will sustainable infrastructure play a part in the future of the construction industry?

Find out what Voices of Construction have to say! Academics and experts lined up for you in this series are: Professor Dr. Philippe Block, ETH Zurich, Institute of Technology in Architecture (Switzerland); Dr. Cristyn Meath, Sustainability Program Leader, Institute for Business & Economics at the University of Queensland (Australia); Jean-Luc Beguin, Head Engineer-Director Large Projects and Maintenance at Rijkswaterstaat (the Netherlands); Luc Hellemans, CEO at Lantis (Belgium); and Jan Van Steirteghem, General Manager Europe at BESIX (Belgium).

The videos:

  • Session 1:
    Introduction & Key Note

  • Session 2:
    Challenges & Solutions

  • Session 3:
    Experiences & Conclusion

Would you like to add to the discussion? Do you have ideas or solutions of your own? We look forward to hearing from you! Please feel free to get in touch. We hope the webinars will have the same eye-opening effect on you as they have had on us.

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